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Action · A squadron of U.S. Marines becomes the last line of defense against a global invasion. ‎ Full Cast & Crew · ‎ Box office / business · ‎ FAQ · ‎ Synopsis. Battle for L.A., Los Angeles. Gefällt Mal. Join the battle for L.A. and side with one of two teams fighting for the rightful territory of Los. Critics Consensus: Overlong and overly burdened with war movie clichés, Battle: Los Angeles will entertain only the most ardent action junkies. Rating ‎: ‎PG (for sustained and intense sequ. Los Angeles would have worked better as a video game. Retrieved February 19, Would I cynical in thinking in this case it's too disguise the fact that the aliens aren't all convincing if you look at them longer than a nanosecond? Sign up with Facebook OR First Name. It's not new, it's not novel and it's not art. Their battle doctrine seems to be based on the concept of eliminating enemy resistance before it can mount a coordinated retaliation. The alien ground forces have no apparent air support, so the Air Force prepares to carpet bomb the Santa Monica area, and the platoon is tasked with rescuing civilians from an LAPD station in West Los Angeles before the bombing in three hours. Soundtracks Deal wit It Written by Aaron Phillip, Jason Harrow , W. However, a squad of Marines is able to destroy the command center, disabling all of the drones and depriving the BLAA of their air assets. Los Angeles completely defeated me. Martinez detonates explosives inside the bus, sacrificing himself to kill the aliens, leaving Nantz in command. Trailers That Ruled, Movies That Stunk: There are massive casualties in New York, defensive lines are being setup in Boston, and at Go in with your eyes on some popcorn fun and you will be delightfully surprised. If the talk had been surgically removed, leaving only the sights and sounds of combat, this could have been a striking, semiabstract display of aggressive energy; as it is, any viewer over twelve will go for the laughs. Los Angeles Movie Reviews, Pictures". However, a squad of Marines is able to destroy the command center, disabling all of the drones and depriving the BLAA of their air assets. The entire city is mesmerized by this incredible sight. Enter your location to see where is playing near you. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The direction is also pretty damn adequate and director Jonathan Liebesman should be very greatful to have the budget he has, because a lot of outstanding film makers never get close to having the money he has web dr login his disposal. These exhaust engines vary in size and all of them are located at the back of the Wedge Ship. Cliches abound, but 'Battle: The Beginning The Killing Room Battle: Mit Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen.

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Battle: Los Angeles Home Kino Beste Filme Filme Sci-Fi Battle: Los Angeles' Based on a Real-Life UFO Attack Maybe ". The Central Hive also serves as a small airfield, as its spielothek online gratis role is to serve as the field headquarters for a beachhead and a coastal landing invasion. Home Box Office DVD MORE. A cooling system is also integrated into their body, with a heat-dispersing fan located in front of their organs. The Marines plan to escort the civilians to an alternate extraction point.

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